INFINITY INTERNATIONAL POWER, INC. is a leader in advanced separation technology with over 30 years of experience combined. We manage technology which adds capacity and/or efficiency to any process on a limited budget.

Our Team and partners are ready to provide:

  • Engineered solutions to upgrade and/or expand your plant
  • Plant studies/surveys to identify areas of opportunities
  • Analyze, give recommendations and commercial quote for a single application
  • General industrial consulting on Air Pollution Control Systems
  • Design and construction of simple or difficult (emulsified) liquid/liquid coalescer applications
  • Our cutting edge Technology can turn your process into a profit generating "machine". This Technology is currently supplied to the Oil and Gas Exploration, Refining, Petrochemical, and Fertilizer Industry.

  • If you thing "bigger is better" our Team of experts will show you "smaller is better" for example:

    New Projects
    INFINITY is known for its innovative and unique designs. We pride ourselves to save our clients money and project real-estate. High capacity and efficiency separation internals are condensed into a small cost effective separator.

    Retrofit Projects
    One of INFINITY'S sought after Technologies are the ability to retrofit nearly any existing separator for higher and more efficient capacities while saving the client investment expenses for new equipment.

    With ever increasing raw material cost, longer delivery times, manpower shortage and limited funds for new Capital Projects, retrofitting existing separators and towers is the only acceptable solution.

    INFINITY'S Team and partners have helped the industry Worldwide become more profitable and with minimal investment. The following is a partial list of areas for which we offer solutions:

  • Compressor damage due to liquid entrainment
  • Caustic entrainment in liquid hydro-carbons
  • Reduce Amine System losses
  • "Blue Haze" Air Pollution
  • "Acid rain" Air Pollution
  • Destruction of Tower Packing/Trays due to water entrainment
  • When you join with INFINITY, you can count on our attention to details and design accuracy. We do the job right the first time and within Budget.

    For more information, please forward your inquiries to: